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Flood damage table before restoration


Table after restoration

Gallery restored

Gallery restored

Gallery before

Gallery before restoration

Ebonised Cabinet

Cabinet and stand after restoration.

Ebonised Cabinet

Cabinet before Restoration showing some of the missing pieces and discolouration of the finish.

Cussion Mirror

Mirror frame after restoration

Cussion Mirror

Mirror frame before restoration.

finished stand

Chinese Stand finished


Chinese Stand. Cutting a curved fret prior to carving

Teachng Marquetry

Teaching a specialist marquetry course to Musical Instrument Makers at West Dean College

One of the students at work

Teaching methods of copying a design to make a brass pewter and mock-tortoiseshell image.

Quaish after restoration

The dish with a new handle piece spliced in to match. New silver mounted and polished.

Quaish before restoration

A small Scottish whisky tasting dish in need of some work.

Fire damage after Restoration

Fire damage after restoration

Fire damage

Smoke blackened gilt mounts before restoration

Drawer After Restoration

Cutlery drawer refitted and recovered with red baize.

Drawer Before Restoration

A jumble of pieces ready to be reassembled and recovered.

Sand Shading

Using hot sand to create a 3D effect in the design

Marquetry Cutting

Showing the process of making a marquetry image by sawing a packet of veneers to create the flowers and leaves.

Drawer before and after reastoration

Part of a fine marquetry cabinet showing the condition before and after restoration

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