I have written a full Corona-virus risk assessment approved by BAFRA and will continue to follow safety guidelines with my customers.

I have some restrictions for site work and changes to my collection and delivery service.

If you have any questions please ask.

I  provide the following services

  •  Restoration and Conservation of Antiques

  • Wood and Furniture

  • Marquetry and Inlay

  • Boullework and Tortoiseshell

  • Shell, Horn, Ivory and Bone

  • Chairs, Tables, Desks, Boxes

  • Clock Cases

  • Ebonised Finishes

  • Fret Cutting and Design

  • Consultancy and Collection Management


  • Refinishing with Traditional & appropriate Finishes

  • Replacement of Old Glass

  • Wood Turning

  • Wood Carving

  • Leather and Baize Surfaces

  • Locks and Keys

  • Supply of Brass Handles & Replacement Fittings

  • Insect De-Infestation

  • Disaster Management

  • Sensitive Cleaning and Waxing


Phone me on: 01243 811900